Rhea results for: CHEBI:65314

Number of hits: 31

The query resolved to the following ChEBI compounds (by name): none

Accession Equation / Hits details Other directions
RHEA:48348 a uridine in RNA = a pseudouridine in RNA

RHEA:42560 uridine(27/28) in mitochondrial tRNA = pseudouridine(27/28) in mitochondrial tRNA

RHEA:42524 uridine(1911/1915/1917) in 23S rRNA = pseudouridine(1911/1915/1917) in 23S rRNA

RHEA:42528 uridine(955/2504/2580) in 23S rRNA = pseudouridine(955/2504/2580) in 23S rRNA

RHEA:42564 uridine(38/39) in tRNA = pseudouridine(38/39) in tRNA

RHEA:42964 uridine(54/55) in tRNA = pseudouridine(54/55) in tRNA

RHEA:42536 uridine(65) in tRNA = pseudouridine(65) in tRNA

RHEA:42552 uridine(31) in tRNA = pseudouridine(31) in tRNA

RHEA:46712 pseudouridine(1248) in human 18S rRNA + S-adenosyl-L-methionine = H(+) + N(1)-methylpseudouridine(1248) in human 18S rRNA + S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine

RHEA:46716 pseudouridine(914) in M. jannaschii 16S rRNA + S-adenosyl-L-methionine = H(+) + N(1)-methylpseudouridine(914) in M. jannaschii 16S rRNA + S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine

RHEA:54572 a uridine in tRNA = a pseudouridine in tRNA

RHEA:56644 a uridine in mRNA = a pseudouridine in mRNA

RHEA:60556 uridine(35) in tRNA(Tyr) = pseudouridine(35) in tRNA(Tyr)

RHEA:42556 uridine(2819) in 21S rRNA = pseudouridine(2819) in 21S rRNA

RHEA:46696 a pseudouridine in 16S/18S rRNA + S-adenosyl-L-methionine = an N(1)-methylpseudouridine in 16S/18S rRNA + H(+) + S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine

RHEA:47036 uridine in 5S rRNA = pseudouridine in 5S rRNA

RHEA:51124 uridine in snRNA = pseudouridine in snRNA

RHEA:57876 uridine(54) in tRNA = pseudouridine(54) in tRNA

RHEA:22376 uridine(38/39/40) in tRNA = pseudouridine(38/39/40) in tRNA

RHEA:38871 23S rRNA uridine(2457) = pseudouridine(2457) in 23S rRNA

RHEA:42520 23S rRNA uridine(2605) = 23S rRNA pseudouridine(2605)

RHEA:38867 uridine(516) in 16S rRNA = pseudouridine(516) in 16S rRNA

RHEA:38875 23S rRNA uridine(2604) = pseudouridine(2604) in 23S rRNA

RHEA:42544 uridine(32) in tRNA = pseudouridine(32) in tRNA

RHEA:42548 23S rRNA uridine(746) = 23S rRNA pseudouridine(746)

RHEA:54308 pseudouridine(1191) in yeast 18S rRNA + S-adenosyl-L-methionine = H(+) + N(1)-methylpseudouridine(1191) in yeast 18S rRNA + S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine

RHEA:54568 a uridine in rRNA = a pseudouridine in rRNA

RHEA:55292 pseudouridine(54) in tRNA + S-adenosyl-L-methionine = H(+) + N(1)-methylpseudouridine(54) in tRNA + S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine

RHEA:42532 uridine(55) in tRNA = pseudouridine(55) in tRNA

RHEA:42540 uridine(13) in tRNA = pseudouridine(13) in tRNA

RHEA:42752 pseudouridine(1915) in 23S rRNA + S-adenosyl-L-methionine = H(+) + N(3)-methylpseudouridine(1915) in 23S rRNA + S-adenosyl-L-homocysteine