Search Rhea for enzymes (UniProt)

Since December 2018, Rhea is the controlled vocabulary to annotate enzymes in the UniProt knowledgebase of protein sequences and functional annotation.
Please read our publication Enzyme annotation in UniProtKB using Rhea. (View Publication)

To search for Rhea reactions annotated in UniProt simply enter a UniProt accession in the simple search or the advanced search (UniProtKB AC topic).
In the simple search it is recommended to use the prefix 'uniprot:' to ensure that your query term will be searched for UniProt accession specifically.


query=P08159 or query=uniprot:P08159to retrieve the reaction(s) catalyzed by P08159 UniProt entry
query=uniprot:*to retrieve the whole set of Rhea reactions linked to UniProt enzyme sequences.

Note that the number of UniProt sequences annotated for a given reaction is displayed by default in the Reaction result page and that you can retrieve these entries in the UniProt web site by selecting the Rhea reactions of interest then click the Find enzyme red button. This action will redirect you to the UniProt web site where you can browse the result and exploit the richness of UniProt annotation.