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  • GO:0033703 3beta-hydroxy-5beta-steroid dehydrogenase activity

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RHEA:22944 RHEA:22945 RHEA:22946 RHEA:22947
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Published in: Stuhlemmer, U. and Kreis, W. Cardenolide formation and activity of pregnane-modifying enzymes in cell suspension cultures, shoot cultures and leaves of Digitalis lanata. Plant Physiol. Biochem., 34, (1996) 85-91. Seitz, H.U. and Gaertner, D.E. Enzymes in cardenolide-accumulating shoot cultures of Digitalis purpurea. Plant Cell Tissue Organ. Cult., 38, (1994) 337-344. Lindemann, P. and Luckner, M. Biosynthesis of pregnane derivatives in somatic embryos of Digitalis lanata. Phytochemistry, 46, (1997) 507-513.