Programmatic access

Rhea provides two application programming interfaces (APIs) to query and access its data programmatically:


The Rhea website has RESTful URLs that can be bookmarked, linked and used in programs for all entries, queries and tools available through the website. The data is available in all formats provided on the website, e.g. tab-separated for search results table, Rhea reaction data.

See more details in Rhea REST API


The Rhea SPARQL endpoint provides access to the Rhea data in the Resource Description Framework (RDF) format. SPARQL is an SQL-like graph query language that allows to perform complex queries across all Rhea data, as well as across other resources that provide a SPARQL endpoint, such as UniProt, OMA, OrthoDB, MetaNetX, etc. SPARQL endpoints provide a low-cost alternative to importing the data into a local data warehouse.

See more details in Rhea SPARQL API