SPARQL for Rhea



SPARQL is a W3C standardized query language for the Semantic Web. If you know SQL, it will look familiar to you and you can do similar types of queries with it. SPARQL also allows you to query and combine data from a variety of SPARQL endpoints, providing a valuable low-cost alternative to building your own data warehouse.

Rhea SPARQL endpoint

The Rhea SPARQL endpoint is populated with the data that you can download from our FTP site. This data is synchronized with the UniProt RDF releases to provide consistent data across these resources. You can execute federated SPARQL queries across the Rhea and UniProt SPARQL endpoint, as well as SPARQL endpoints from other resources like Bgee, GlyConnect, OMA, neXtProt and OrthoDb.

Documentation about the Rhea RDF data model is available here. We use standard and community supported vocabularies (Dublin core, SKOS, etc.) where possible to extend our own vocabulary.

Training material